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Originally a creator in culinary art for a period of over twenty years, Luc Fournier, the artist, is also a lover of nature and music. It is by observing the color gradations, the forms, the textures and the nuances, while working with chocolate, that he discovered a special interest for painting. He learned, through the years, to manipulate materials with a spatula knife with ease and enjoyment.

In his early childhood, an unfortunate accident to one eye resulted in the loss of a large percentage of his sight. Hereafter, he discovered a new way to see the world. In the twinkle of an eye, his sight dramatically changed to a more abstract perspective.

The originality of Luc Fournier’s statement holds in the fact that he orchestrates together materials, colors, texture and music on a horizontal modular line that serves as an axis to transpose a sonorous world to a suggestive visual world. The whole explodes in abstractions constructed with a spatula from a horizontal line created by multiple, very textured, vertical lines that evoke electromagnetic curves reproduced without perspective.

His challenge: to unveil the secrets of this abstraction, the under side of the layers of spontaneous verticals; to the suggestion of signs and words.

His pleasure: to push the limits of the non figurative; to suggest sometimes urban, human and even elements of vegetation in his compositions.

Everyone can immerse themselves in the work of Luc Fournier, between the lines and shapes, to search for a signification, a vision, or a frequency…


Born on July 26, 1961, Montmagny, Quebec


· 1989 : Painting lessons with instructor Francine Laurin


· Fall 2003 : Realization of 40 works on Arches paper
· October 2003 : Presentation of the «Composition series» to the public
· August 2003 : Realization of 4 x 8 feet painting series
· March 2002 : Jean-Paul Riopelle’s death deeply affected his art practice
· January 2002 : Discovery of the work of Jackson Pollock (dripping technique)
· September 2000 : First painting executed


· October 2005 : «Parallel Worlds», Le Muscadin, Trois-Rivières, QC (in collaboration with the sculptor Marie-Josée Roy)
· August 2005 : «Human Frequency», Embuscade, Café-Galerie, Trois-Rivières, QC
· October 2004 : «Bark Walkers», Galerie Diane Lefrançois, Québec, QC (Arches paper series)
· Juin 2004 : Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, QC (Arches paper series)


· November 2005 : Auction at the Immersion Center for the Arts, La Fenêtre, honorary president Mr. Armand Vaillancourt, QC
· September 2005 : Donation of a sugar casted work, 5e anniversary, Centre Hospitalier Robert Giffard, honorary president Mr. John R. Porter, general director of the Quebec Museum of Fine Arts, QC


Numerous prominent exhibition visits and cultural travels in Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York and Miami.


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Luc Fournier Artworks >>