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Laurent Bonet was born in Barcelone, Spain, in 1958. He starts painting at his famous father’s, Jordi Bonet’s, studio at the end of the 70’s.

Laurent Bonet decided to devote himself to paint in order to reveal the human body and soul. Beyond the paradigm between beauty and ugliness, good and evil, a series of mythical symbols arises, giving his work an incomparable depth and richness.

"Regardless of wealth, power or beauty, once death shows up, what do we become? What is left of Man when his only remaining friend is this Earth which brings him back to his painful and ephemeral condition?" It is precisely this reality that the artist tries to capture and to transform.

Bonet’s angel has fallen to the ground. We want him to open his eyes and discover his true face; his true state. The same can be said from his work: an art which reveals the force of its substance after refining his patient labour.



Place of Birth: Barcelona, Spain, in 1958
Place of residence: Province of Quebec


  • 1981 École Supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris, France
  • 1980-1982 École Supérieure des arts appliqués de Paris, France


  • 2011 Musée des beaux-arts du Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2011 Galerie d’art Trudel, Joliette, QC, Canada
  • 1997 Musée Pierre-Boucher, Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada
  • 1994 La France Antique, Westmount, QC, Canada
  • 1992 Galerie Centre d’art contemporain, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 1991 Galerie Frontenac, Quebec, QC, Canada
  • 1990 Galerie Le Balcon d’art, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 1977 Galerie Jordi Bonet, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada


  • 2011 Galerie Lamoureux Ritzenhoff, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 2008 Galerie Cristin, Toronto, On, Canada
  • 2007 Galerie Cristin, Toronto, On, Canada
  • 2004 Galerie du Château Frontenac, Quebec, QC, Canada
  • 2003 Galerie Michel Bigué, Saint-Sauveur, QC, Canada
  • 2001 Galerie Yves Laroche, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 1999 Galerie Cristin, Toronto, On, Canada
  • 1994 Galerie Clarence Gagnon, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 1993 Salons nationaux des beaux-arts de Paris, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • 1992 Galerie Frontenac, Quebec, QC, Canada
  • 1992 Centre d’art contemporain, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 1989 Centre culturel du Mont-St-Bruno, Mont-Saint-Bruno, QC, Canada
  • 1978 Galerie du Manoir Campbell, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada


  • 1977 Won bursary from Quebec Government (then Ministry of Cultural Affairs), “Artist in Residency” program, Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris. Bursary obtained with the group PARA and Jordi Bonet


  • Loto Québec, Montreal, Quebec
  • Private collections in Canada, United States, France, Spain and Japan 


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