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Artistic Statement

I have several concerns when I undertake a painting. First, I am not quite different from other artists: I want to be proud of my work. I try to please myself by painting works with a high quality standard. From this first concern, all others arise. I believe that if the final product satisfies me, it will also satisfy the viewer.

To seduce the author as much as the viewer (the amateur, the contemplator, the collector), my goal is to obtain an undeniable aesthetic value regardless of the technique or medium used or topic developed. To achieve this seductive goal, or at the very least to tease the viewer’s interest, I try to develop an intrinsic communicative value to my artistic object.

Although I want it figurative for the above-mentioned reasons, my painting exists on two levels. It also calls for a certain form of abstraction. I obtain this result by painting spots and large curvilinear elements, which often take a calligraphy style instead of doing simple brushstrokes. This technique gives the composition an extremely dynamic effect. Equally, I avoid blending colors and privilege the realization of the desired contrasts by applying successive layers of painting: this is possible when I use acrylic, or by extending from side to side the various pastes of oil and acrylic. I try to obtain a balance, as perfect as possible, in the compliment of colors as well as in their layout in the composition. By a rigorous use of these combined techniques, the quality I want appears and reveals itself.

In short, I want the "viewer", regardless of his education or his artistic background, never to feel stripped by my work.

Victorien Pilote


Professional Artistic Development

At the end of my studies, I practiced as a lawyer within my own legal study. I consider the exercise of Law as a prolongation of my social implication, which was always of a concern to me. I developed an expertise in the fields related to social issues: family, social programs and housing.

Two years later, I forsook the private practice of Law at University of Québec in Montreal (UQÀM) to occupy, full-time, a position as an Agent of Objections for the University’s most important group. I occupied this function for three years. Thereafter, I tried to devote myself entirely to painting. We were in 1997: the year of my "famous" exhibition at the Montreal Courthouse.

Taking into account a major upheaval in my family situation, the need to have a more “regular" income became essential. This is how I found myself as a coordinator for the Autonomous Regrouping of Young People of Quebec (the famous RAJ!). Until very recently, I could hardly worry about the development of my artistic career because of this full-time employment. Therefore, I did not have any exhibitions during this period.

A driven back passion always ends up re-appearing... I am currently working in a law firm and I hope to have more time to start painting again, for good this time. In the coming months, I will devote myself to the essential in order to achieve this objective.

History of a passion

Ever since early childhood, I had an interest and a particular aptitude for drawing. I remember having solicited my parents so that they would get me the necessary material to paint. Unfortunately, the latter, which drew the devil by the tail, never satisfied to my request.

I was in my fifth year in high school when I was able to give my first brushstroke on a canvas. An introductory class to oil-based paint was given and the material was provided to the students; I was not going to miss it! I registered to this class and I was taught the rudiments of colors, perspective drawing and basic techniques… I produced a few paintings, which were exhibited during the high school exhibition along with works by my colleagues. At the time of the vernissage, the originality of my work was underlined and I even carried out some sales. Thereafter, I won the «Méritas Annuel» in the painting category.

In the following years, I only produced a few works.

Resurgence came towards the end of 1991 when I discovered acrylic painting. Since then, I realized that it was not because of a lack of interest that I had not been persisting in my art but because of the difficulty of mastering the medium. Oil, indeed, had worn me out because of the drying time, the odors, etc. I often spent months to finish a painting, which, at the end, did not interest me no more. I wanted to paint more quickly and to paint more, which better corresponded to my temperament. When I started to work with acrylic, not only could I produce more paintings, but also I was able to improve my technique and my objectives considerably. It was a revelation and... a new start!

Victorien Pilote


  • Born in 1964, Quebec, Quebec.


  • 1990-1991 École du Barreau, Montreal, QC - License to exercise the profession of lawyer
  • 1987-1991 University of Montreal, Faculty of Law, Montreal, QC – Bachelor in Law LL.B.
  • 1987 University of Montreal, Faculty of Permanent Education, Montreal, QC – Certificate in Law
  • 1985 University of Quebec in Montreal, QC – Political Sciences
  • 1982-1984 Cegep Jonquière, QC - Diploma of Collegial studies in Human Sciences
  • 1977-1982 Polyvalente La Malbaie, QC - Diploma of General Studies


  • 1993 École du Barreau, Montreal, QC - Course on the Reform of the Civil Code of Quebec


  • 1997 Courthouse, Montreal, QC (18 paintings including the famous “Premier-Sinistre…”)
  • 1995 Boivin Guillet, lawyers, Montreal, QC (10 paintings). Inauguration of the offices.
  • 1995 Maison d'art Fra Angelico, Montreal, QC (30 paintings)
  • 1995 French Union, Montreal, QC (6 paintings). Exhibition for the benefit of the new Coop.
  • 1995 Courthouse, Montreal, QC (18 paintings)
  • 1994 UQAM, Room M.-G. Lajoie, Montreal, QC (7 paintings)
  • 1994 Gallery Trait-Carré, Charlesbourg, QC (30 paintings)
  • 1994 Gallery Anima G, Quebec, QC (50 paintings for the Cultural programming of the Carnival of Quebec. 2500 people)
  • 1993, Maison d'art Fra Angelico, Montreal, QC (25 paintings)


  • 1977 Yves Le Roux Gallery, Montreal, QC. «L’Exposition des petits rochons». (Organized by Wake Up, the Coalition for survival of social programs and Provincial Regrouping for alternative resources in mental health)
  • 1996 Maison d’art Fra Angelico, performance «Saturday to Paint». Exhibition with silent auction (August)
  • 1996 Maison d’art Fra Angelico, small sizes
  • 1996 Maison d’art Fra Angelico, exhibition for the benefit of a foundation for the victims of AIDS
  • 1995 Electronic Café, Old Montreal, QC. Exhibition of contemporary art for sovereignty: «Référent ([d'homme$?] de femmes) !!!».
  • 1995 Participation in the finals of the Contest of painting for the Quebec National Holiday (organized by the Maison d'art Fra Angelico with support from the Comité de la Fête Nationale)
  • 1994 Maison d'art Fra Angelico, Montreal, QC. Exhibition underlining the Quebec National Holiday
  • 1994 Maison d'art Fra Angelico, Montreal, QC. "Way of Cross"
  • 1994 Sodarco Gallery, Montreal, QC. Contest "Reflection on Art" (2nd ed.)
  • 1993 Sodarco Gallery, Montreal, QC. Contest "About the Human Being"
  • 1993 Sodarco Gallery, Montreal, QC. Contest "Reflection on Art"
  • 1993 Sodarco Gallery, Montreal, QC. Contest " Landscapes From Here and Other Places"


  • 1998 Live Painting for the benefit of PDS. Le Cheval blanc, Montreal, QC. Animation: François Gourd
  • 1998 Presentation of my painting "To Be Born Well" before the Parliamentary Commitee of Social Affairs, in margin of the study of law 186’s project. National Parliament of Quebec, QC
  • 1997 Conference about personal path, social and pictorial concerns of lawyer-painter Victorien Pilote. Alliance Culturelle, Montreal, QC (150 participants)
  • 1997 Opening of the exhibition “Art and Peace” and launching of the album-memory. Montcalm Gallery, Hull, QC
  • 1997 Press conference and launching of a postcard reproducing the painting “Le Premier-Sinistre...”. 10 000 copies, used for the financing of the activities of the Movement Action - Unemployment of Outaouais
  • 1997 "That Will Do!", Bar Le Cirque, Montreal, QC. Live Painting in "dishonour" of Sheila Copps, Canadian Minister of Culture
  • 1997 Press and launching conference of the photolithography "In spite of a charged timetable, the Premier-Sinistre never misses an occasion to attack: a shouting problem: the unemployed!". Campeau, Ouellet et Ass., lawyers, Montreal, QC (guest: Bill Clennett)
  • 1996 Faubourg des arts, Place Berri, Montreal, QC
  • 1995 Faubourg des arts, Place Berri, Montreal, QC
  • 1996 Live Painting and sales, Whistler, BC
  • 1994 Faubourg des arts, Place Berri, Montreal, QC
  • 1993 Faubourg des arts, Place Berri, Montreal, QC (Live Painting and auction).


  • 1997 Maison d’art Fra Angelico, 5th Prize for the National Holiday «Quebec, a History of Heart ».
  • 1996 2nd Prize at Contest of painting for the National Holiday of Quebec. Exhibition of works selected for the finals.
  • 1980 Méritas annuel, Polyvalente de La Malbaie, Charlevoix, QC


At the time of Montreal’s Courthouse exhibition (February 17 to 28, 1997), the organization of the event tried to prevent the presentation of a painting under the pretext that it could cause controversy. Controversy there was! The refusal of the artist to yield to this order of censure was the subject of an extended media cover. Perhaps it was understood that the freedom of expression does not protect only the commercial speech (Re: Judgments of the Supreme Court of Canada on the Constitutionality of the Charter of the French language (law 101) of Quebec)!

Partial List of medias that covered the event:


  • La Presse, Montreal, February 18, 1997, p.A8 (article and photo)*
  • The Gazette, Montreal, February 19, 1997, p.D12 (article and photo)*
  • Le Soleil, Quebec, February 19, 1997, p.A11 (photo and heading)
  • The Toronto Star, Toronto, February 19, 1997, p.A9 (photo and heading)
  • Le Journal de Québec, Quebec, February 19, 1997, p.13 (article and photo)
  • The Ottawa Citizen, Ottawa, February 19, 1997, p.E8 (photo and heading)
  • The Globe and Mail, Canada (National ed.), February 19, 1997, p.A4 (photo and heading)
  • The Gazette, Montreal, February 22, 1997, p.A5 (article)*
  • La Presse, Montreal, March 7, 1997, p.A12 (photo and heading)*
  • Rebelles, Montreal (to come)*
  • Alternatives, Montreal (to come)


  • Le Matinternet, Internet, February 19, 1997
  • Le Matinternet, Internet, March 7, 1997
  • Montreal Subway, March 6, 1997


  • Canadian Press / La Presse Canadienne (photo)
  • Associated Press, USA (photo)


  • CBC Newsworld, Calgary, February 19, 1997*
  • Télévision 4 Saisons, Montreal, February 19, 1997 (bulletins of 12:00 and 17:30)
  • CBC, Montreal, February 19, 1997 (news report diffused at the 2 evening bulletins)*
  • CTV News, Canada (National network), February 19, 1997*
  • CBC The National, Canada (National network), February 19, 1997 (news report diffused at the 2 evening bulletins)*
  • CFCF, Montreal, February 19, 1997 (news report diffused at the 2 evening bulletins)*
  • TVA, Montreal, February 19, 1997 (news report diffused at the 2 evening bulletins)
  • Radio-Canada, Montreal, February 19, 1997 (news report diffused at the 2 evening bulletins)*
  • CBC, Toronto, February 19, 1997
  • CBC Newsworld, Nova Scotia
  • CBC Newsworld, Canada (National network)*
  • RDI, Montreal, February 19 and 20, 1997


  • TVA, Montreal, "Salut Bonjour!"
  • CBC, Calgary, "Canada's Live"*
  • Radio-Canada, Montreal, "Bon Matin"
  • CBC Canada (National Network), "This Hour has 22 minutes", humoristic sketch
  • CBC Newsworld, Canada (National Network), "This Hour has 22 minutes", humoristic sketch (repetitions)
  • Télé-Québec, Montreal, "Jean-Luc Mongrain", (comments)


February 19 and 20, 1997:

  • Radiomédia
  • CBC, Montreal*
  • CBC, Montreal (2nd interview)*
  • Radiomédia, Trois-Rivières (Live interview)*
  • CHRC, Quebec (Live interview)*
  • CKRS, Chicoutimi (Live interview)*
  • CJAD, Montreal
  • Radio Centre-ville, Montreal (One-hour live interview)*
  • Réseau Radio-mutuel
  • NTR (Canadian Press)
  • Radio-Canada

March 6, 1997:

  • CKAC, Montreal*
  • Radiomédia
  • CHRC, Quebec (Live interview)*


  • The Canadian Lawyers (to come)*

The sign "*" indicates that this media granted an interview with the artist.

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