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Tania Lebedeff was born in Germany in 1949. She received a diploma from the Massachusetts Southern University in 1989, a Bachelor of Arts Education of the UQAM - University of Quebec in Montreal - in 1971 and a diploma from the School of Fine Arts in Montreal in 1970.

Tania Lebedeff's pictorial quest pursues and favours a creative process where constant transformation plays a crucial role. She is driven by an insatiable curiosity to discover deep resonances within herself. She creates images that liberate the viewer's eye of its usual alienating conditioning.

Tania Lebedeff eliminates all that is too well-known, guiding the viewer on the cusp of the visible and the invisible, the known and the unknown. Every work is in turn a probe, a reflection, a question, a mystery.

The artist explores a gestural freedom in rich, vibrant, figurative or abstract compositions contained within or streching beyond the frame. Her works are an expression of life, its chaos, its rhythms, its contradictions and enigmas.

Tania Lebedeff received the First Prize in painting at the Table culturelle de la Vallée du Richelieu in 2000 and an Honorable Mention at the Demidoff Foundation in Montreal in 1998. In 2002, her work was selected for an exhibition in Tokyo and in Mishima, Japan, before being presented at the Museum of Mont-St-Hilaire, Quebec.


Place of Birth: Germany
Date of Birth: 1949
Currently residing: Quebec, Canada
Professional since: 1971


  • 1989-90 UQAM
    Different seminars in painting and mixed media two-and three-dimensional procedures
  • 1987-89 Southern Massachusetts University
    "Drawing from Within" Principles and Practices for Leaders (1989)
    "Drawing from Within" (1987)
  • 1983-84 Saidye Bronfman Centre
    Painting 1970-71
  • UQAM
    B. A. (Major in Fine Arts Education)
  • 1966-70 Montreal School of Fine Arts
    Diploma (Engraving)


  • 2008 Audience Award Creation on the field , Land Art, Mont St-Hilaire, QC
  • 2006 Audience Award Expo Museum of Mont St-Hilaire , Mont St-Hilaire, QC
  • 2001 1st Prize - Painting - itinerant exhibition of the Cultural Table of the Richelieu Valley
    ( Gault House , Mont-Saint-Hilaire Saint-Basile-Le-Grand Library; Chambly Library, QC
  • 1998 Honourable Mention, Demidoff Foundation , "Russian Winter", Desjardins Complex , Montreal, QC

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2008, Lamoureux Ritzenhoff Gallery, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 2007 "Frontiers of the Invisible" ART'O, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
  • 2001 Credit Union, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Arts Station , "Return from the Islands", Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 1999 Arts Station , "I am Pictures, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 1998 1040 Gallery , "Passages", Montreal, QC, Canada

Group Exhibitions

  • 2003-2011 Lamoureux Ritzenhoff Gallery , Montreal, Quebec
  • 2011 "Parle-moi d'amour", Les Impatients, Montreal, QC, Canada
    2010-2011 Lessedra Art Gallery, International art competition - Painting and Mixed Media, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 2007-2010: "Large Size" , "Blanc & Noir", etc., Saint-Jean sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
  • 2005-2010 Mont Saint-Hilaire: "Fugue in major art" , Mont Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2009-2010 Ecomuseum Fier World , Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 2009 "Collective Art Point Valaine" , Otterburn Park, QC, Canada
  • 2009 Cultural Centre of Beloeil, "Arguments" , Beloeil, QC, Canada
  • Eve 2008 Fountain Gallery, "Next year for all" , Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, Canada
  • 2007 "Festival of the Arts, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC, Canada
  • 2005 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum , "Art for All", QC, Canada
  • 2005 Socio-Cultural Centre of Brossard , Brossard, QC, Canada
  • 2005 Arts Station , "Art Major Fugue," Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2003 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum , "Art for All", QC, Canada
  • 2003 Center for the Visual Arts of St-Hubert , "Exhibition-contest", St-Hubert, QC, Canada
  • 2003 Arts Station , "Art in small sizes", Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2002 "MMAC Festival" (mixed media & communication), Tokyo and Mishima, Japan
  • 2002 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum , "Artists Exhibit Themselves", QC, Canada
  • 2002 "Biennale of Miniature Art, drawing, Ville-Marie, QC, Canada
  • 2002 Symposium of Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu , "Painting Takes Air, QC, Canada
  • 2002 Symposium of Iberville-sur-Richelieu , "Life ... Art ... Passion, QC, Canada
  • 2002 Maison Paul-Émile Borduas , collective exhibition, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2002 Arts Station , "Small Sizes", Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2002 Arts Station , "Jazz and Colours", Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2001 National Library Number Review, "Cloning Question", mixed media, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 2001 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum , "Art pour tous" expo contest, QC, Canada
  • 2001 Brancusi Center , "Oscillations", Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 2001 Cultural Table of the Richelieu Valley, itinerant exhibition, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Saint-Basile-Le-Grand, Chambly, QC, Canada
  • 2001 National Assembly , "Painting" Quebec, QC, Canada
  • 2001 Arts Station , "Raise, Drop the Masks", installation, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Mont-Saint-Hilaire Art Museum , "Art  pour tous" expo contest, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Miniature Art Biennial, Ville-Marie, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Cultural Centre of Havre Aubert , "We're in Heaven The Sea" Symposium, Iles-de-la-Madeleine, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Visual Arts Center , "Beyond Differences", Saint-Hubert, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Brancusi Center , "Passage in Time and Spirit", Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Arts Station , "Kaleidoscope is Borduas" and "Migrating Shoes, installation, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2000 Michelangelo Gallery , Montreal, QC, Canada 1999 Sutton Arts, QC, Canada 
  • , "Different Proposal II" itinerant exhibition, Longueuil, Sorel, Vaudreuil, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
  • 1998 Desjardins Complex , "Russian Winter", Montreal, QC, Canada
  • 1998 Arts Station , "Great Disarrangement" painting and engraving, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 1997 Regional Museum of Kolin , "Quebec's Painters and Sculptors of Circle", Czech Republic Main Professional Achievements Professional

Professional Realizations

  • 2010, Creation of an "Oriflamme" for Musée des beaux-arts de Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
    2009-2010, Symposium L'Art salin,
    Carleton-sur-mer, QC, Canada
    Member of the jury, exhibition contest Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, Canada
    2009, Symposium ART'O,
    Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
    2009, Installation "Alice et le Lapin blanc au jardin", Arts Station, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 2008 13th Symposium of High-Richelieu. Creation of the theme and creation of a Work for the publicity of the symposium
  • 2007 Invited artist, 12th edition of "Festival of the Arts, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC, Canada
  • 2000-2001 Member of the jury - expo contest of the City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, QC, Canada 
  • 1999-2000 Municipality of Mont-Saint-Hilaire , "Door to Democracy", QC, Canada. Participation in the creation of a monumental work
  • 1997-2003 Council of Administration "Productions tableaux, QC, Canada
  • 1995 Co-founder of the multi-disciplinary Arts Center, Arts Station, Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC, Canada
  • 1995 Administration Council of Arts Station (Vice-Chairman)


  • City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
  • City of Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC, Canada
  • ART'O Creative COOP Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
  • The Chateau Residence Club, Beaver Creek, CO, USA
  • Foundation Paul-Emile Borduas, Mont St-Hilaire, QC
  • National Library of Quebec, QC
  • National Library of Ottawa, ON

Bibliography and Videography

  • "Preliminary Primer" TVHR9 , 2010 - Heart Choice - TV interview
  • "Culture" TVHR9 , 2008 TV interview
  • Bédard, Louise-Marie, "Échos de l'indiscible" Parcours, art et vie, no. 65 p. 96-98, 2008
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  • Bertrand, Pierre, Parcours, art et vie, ed Liber, 2001
  • Grande, John K., Vie des arts, no. 180 p. 56, 2000
  • Tele-Quebec and Canal Vie, 2000

Teaching and Animation

  • 1971-2005 Art Studio for Children  
  • 1995-2010 ... Art Studio for different groups of adults
  • 1971-2011 ... Animation at the Botanical Garden of Montreal and different cultural centers
  • 2007 Conférencière invitée, Fête des arts, Saint-Basile-le-Grand, QC

Professional Affiliations

  • RAAV Member ( Consolidated Artists in Visual Arts Quebec ), Montreal, QC, Canada
  • ART'O Member, creative co-op, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada
Tania Lebedeff Artworks >>
Tania Lebedeff Archives >>